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StarSms – professional SMS Marketing service, in addition to ease usage, our service allows you to choose a state, city or range of your advertising campaign, giving  us opportunity to provide the highest quality services. You will have opportunity for direct dialogue with customers and full statistics of the advertising campaign . Once unsubscribing, customer will not receive messages any more.

* Our company has been in marketing services for over 3 years. We have accumulated extensive experience in the implementation of SMS mailings. We know how to create and deliver your campaign to the target. Hundreds of customers have already experienced our professionalism. We are constantly improving quality of our service , so it is very important to know your opinion about us . Reviews

* A few words about sms marketing – it is the fastest, convenient and effective way to advertise. With our service you can in shortest time notify a huge customer audiences about ongoing promotions in your company and provided services. A costumer who will be interested in your proposal , will have ability to respond instantly to your offer . This way you will form target customer base for your company.

* We have individual approach for every client.

You can be sure that your proposal will reach the recipient.

For our customer we create account and register mailbox for answers

We will create correct letter layout and advice on all matters.


* Our company can also produce a newsletter for your existing customer base. Contact us

You can pay for our services from your office or home!

Guarantee refund within 3 days

We hope to give you a good mood and new customers!